Damian Walsh

Product Designer

Based in Manchester, UK

Delivering value through informed design

I apply a methodical approach to understanding problems, possess strong attention to detail and am passionate about craft. My skill set lies at the intersection between product, design and engineering enabling me to work effectively across teams. I am interested in developing, supporting and promoting the people, tools and processes which enable the creation of best-in-class digital products.


Areas of expertise

I can help develop new products or improve existing digital experiences by sharing knowledge and applying abilities including:

User research

Understanding users, their goals and pain points using a range of methods to generate actionable insights including surveys, usability testing, heuristic evaluation, competitor analysis and journey analytics.

Interaction design

Collaborating with product, content, engineering and other stakeholders as part of an iterative design process, crafting polished experiences that resonate with users and deliver business value.

Experimentation and testing

Developing hypotheses based on observations and measuring the impact of experiments on success metrics through intent tests, A/B testing and conversion rate optimisation (CRO).


Who I've worked with

Channel 4
Some of the brands I have worked with previously. See my Resume for more info.

Case studies

Examples of previous work


What people say about me

There is always a well thought through and structured body of work including scanning the market for approaches inside and outside of the car rental space that sits behind your final design output.

Product Director

Your methodical approach to the delivery of your work is immaculate. Well-documented handover spec, stakeholder visibility and meticulous copy refinement mean that the output from your product is refined and strong.

Design Manager

You are involving the team earlier during the design process; there is a consultative element now, where there is back and forth discussion as well as a proper formalised design handover.

Senior Engineering Manager

Damian is always available and easy to approach. He has a keen eye for details and a really good knowledge of company domains and challenges from a design point of view.

Engineering Manager